Opemipo Faluyi


About The Lady Brand

The Lady Brand is a branding business that was established in 2019 by Opemipo FALUYI, a business and fashion enthusiast. The business was created out of the founders’ passion for art and creativity. With the feminine touch, The Lady brings elegance and beauty to every item produced across all sectors.

Our business model is created to help both corporate personnel and organisation achieve a brand they have always craved for with that touch of elegance and beauty.

Our businesses are:

  • Corporate gift items and Souvenirs
  • Corporate garment manufacturing
  • Signage and print
  • Wall printing and interiors

The Brand Executive of
The Lady Brands

My name is Opemipo Faluyi.

I am an Image Consultant, a Wardrobe Manager, a Brand Specialist, a Personal Shopper, a Fashion Enthusiast and a Fabric Collector.

I am always ready to serve both private and corporate bodies to see that their professional and personal lifestyle fits with their appearance.

I train individuals and teams on self presentation, dress codes and public conduct.

My interest are in Politicians, Executives, Celebrities and every other person who needs a better public conduct or and interpretation.

Please contact me on 09091733544 for discussion.

Opemipo Faluyi

The Lady Brand