Gone are the days when people only used to paint their walls only using a single accent colour. Nowadays people want to decorate their walls with a snazzy interior wall design giving it a more personalised touch and the decor of your choice. While there are a number of house painting ideas such as colour blocking, vertical stripes, waves and more that are most liked by people, think of the interiors of your home as a blank canvas and make the walls come alive with your imagination. If you want your walls to truly stand out, you can come up with some unique freehand designs and let your creativity flow. While there’s no specific room interior colour for bedroom, drawing room, kitchens and others, there’s a rule of thumb that the bedroom being a place where you relax, it’s better to choose colours that have a calming effect. On the other hand, you can choose from shades that create excitement and have an energizing vibe for your drawing room. Needless to say, the cost for home painting service or painting a house wall interior depends on a number of factors such as the area to be painted, cost of the paint you pick, the complexity of the designs to name a few.

 Wall Texture House Painting Catalogue

 A sure shot way to amp up the decor of your home is to use a premium wall texture design. You can create texture paint designs from absolutely anything, anything from tissue paper, sand to strings, sawdust or even rice and pasta, the options are practically endless. Now the texture you choose should blend with the decor of your home. If you wish to give your space a rustic look and feel, you might want to stick with the conventional designs or pick some out of the box designs to give your home a funky vibe. No matter which design you choose for your house painting service, you would need professional texture painters for your home and office

Exclusive Wall Stencils for Home Painting

Another great way to add more character to your walls and embellish them with attractive designs is to use wall paint stencils. Give your home a new personality with a new pattern using  paints stencils. You can choose from geometric shapes, ethnic patterns, theme-based, patterns inspired by nature and much more. 

Wood Painting too! 

Your wooden furniture with time loses its shine and sometimes even becomes riddled with stains. The best way to revamp your old furniture is to coat it with specialised wood paint. We have a dedicated bunch of wood painters with expertise in wood polish, wood texture backgrounds and much more. 

Why do you need Metal Painting? 

To give your wall a nice textured metallic look and protect your metal surfaces at home from corrosion and give them a good shiny finish, you need metallic wall paint and skilled metal painters who can get the job done for you. Don’t worry about the metallic paint price as value far outweighs the cost.

Exterior House Painting Design Ideas 

While it’s important to focus on the decor of the interiors of your home, you also need to extend the same care beyond the walls of your home. Exterior painting not just beautifies your home from the outside but also protects against cracking, peeling, fading and the sudden changes in weather. Explore our exterior painting services and wall painting services to protect and jazz up the exterior wall texture now!

But before you book home painting services, there are a few parameters that you need to consider such as the condition of the surface, material, UV exposure and more and that’s why you need specially designed exterior home colours and exterior house painters to apply them.

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